About Us

Great Northern Elevator is a full service elevator company covering all of New England…

Phil Johnston – Owner

We have convenient locations in Kensington, CT. brand new office in Stamford CT, and our latest office addition in York Maine. We are licensed in CT, MA, VT, NH, and ME. We service and repair all major brands of elevator equipment and offer preventative maintenance programs designed to meet your specific elevator needs. Our services include General maintenance programs including parts and service calls covered. We also offer a lubricate and survey contract that includes a safety check of the elevator and lubricate all necessary equipment and the annual pressure test is included for hydraulic elevators. Our open order upgrades are quoted and performed by experienced licensed mechanics who know what you need to do the job right the first time. Some of what we offer are: power unit replacements (includes tank,motor,pump and new valve), cylinder/jack replacements, hoist rope replacement, 5 yr full load safety testing , annual pressure test, inspections, ADA upgrades, in car emergency phones, new cab interior, full modernization controller upgrade using NON PROPRIETARY controls by Smartrise  engineering with a full 15 month warranty. We also install and repair many models of residential elevators and chairlifts. We are certified installers and dealers of Cambridge Elevators, We are also CEP certified installers and official dealers of Inclinator Residential Elevators, VPL’s, Homewaiters,and Dumbwaiters. Great Northern Elevator can handle all your residential lift needs.

Great Northern has watched the elevator industry shape, and evolve over our long history in the field. It’s no secret the big companies are simply offering less for more these days. Do you actually know how many times per year your maintenance company is showing up to perform a service? Do you know how long they are there doing the service? Do you ever wonder why you pay monthly but you get a visit every 6 months? Do you get bills from your current elevator company when your elevator shuts down and you were led to believe that you had a Full Maintenance contract? Its time to stop overpaying for the minimum service. Great Northern Elevator will never lock you in to a contract that holds you hostage. We don’t have any areas in our contract that confuse you and favor us, if you’re not happy you can simply cancel at anytime. Our contracts are written in a plain, comprehensible fashion, we stick to the basics. We don’t do small print. If there is any part of a contract you are not clear about, we will be more than happy to spend time with you explaining and answering your every question. We stand by our agreement with you every time!

Great Northern Values one thing above all else, the safety of the people using the equipment. We stand by our commitment to you, our clients! We follow strict safety guidelines. We never compromise. We’ve had a long standing relationship with most of our clients, the reason, We stick to our word, plain and simple. Call Great Northern Elevator for all your elevator needs.