Great Northern Elevator Co. are experts in elevator installations. From new building installations to existing outdated elevators that need to be

Roped Hydraulic Installation

replaced, our team will get you up and running. We have a multitude of vendors we use for complete elevator packages. We have extreme vetted these elevators manufacturers for many years, we have removed the manufacturers we feel don’t make the cut, in doing so we have only the best of the best when it comes to the products we install. Installation of a commercial elevator is a rather large process, start planning early with us, as in many cases, the elevator hoist way is built and stacked before the building goes up. So early planning is essential! The types of systems in most cases are: Roped Hydraulic, Hydraulic Piston, Traction, and LULA’s ( Limited Use-Limited Access ). All these systems are dependent on the type of property you have and your specific needs. Early construction is key to putting these systems in place. Consult with Great Northern Elevator while you are in the architectural stages of the job in order to get all the correct information upfront so no miscalculations are made.

You can check out some of the incredible manufacturers we have selected to represent us, as their products must be as reliable as we are to make the cut.


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