Elevator Modernization: Great North­ern Ele­va­tor has expert mechanics and knowledge regarding elevator modifications. Most modifications

New Smartrise Controller

involve new controllers, cab walls and doors, new hoist ropes, replacing cylinder jacks, and much more. There was a huge boom of elevator installations through the 70’s and 80’s. Most of these systems now are growing tired, and most important, growing unsafer. Ropes stretch and elevators fall short of landings, cylinders corrode and blow out, leaking oil into elevator pits, and worse into the ground or nearby waterways. The new code for replacing cylinder jacks call for a PVC sleeve placed in the ground which houses the cylinder so leaks do not effect the environment. Old controllers, the brains of the system are being replaced, as old relays and carbon switches are being replaced by newer more trusted technologies. Some of these new technologies allow the owners, managers, and the servicing elevator company to constantly monitor the health of the elevator via an iPad, hand-held device, or your desktop computer.

Sometimes an owner or manager has to outweigh the benefits of modernizing, versus the constant cost of repair and emergency calls, which begin to add up greatly as most owners know the cost of having a repair man show up and try to fix the same problem you have been trying to fix for years.

An elevator modernization will restore your confidence in your system and give you peace of mind, knowing that the backbone of your system is all up to date, and safely running for many more years to come.

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Check out the gallery below for pictures that represent older systems, then some of the newer systems that can be put in place of those old outdated systems.