Elevator Maintenance

We offer the best in Elevator Maintenance.                                                                See our options below.

General Elevator Maintenance

elevator door panel with keys

We offer a General Elevator Maintenance package providing preventative maintenance to keep your elevator running safely. Included in the general maintenance agreement, we will cover service calls between the hours of 8am and 4:30pm M-F, we will also include annual no load pressure tests for hydraulic elevator and wearable maintenance parts that normally cause shutdowns. This will help ensure proper operation of your equipment and reduce unnecessary shutdowns.

 Lubricate and Surveytop of elevator car

This agreement is commonly known as Oil and Grease and typically covers a safety check of the elevator and lubrication of necessary equipment. This plan is a great choice for elevators that do not get used often and can save you money. In the lubricate and survey agreement, the customer is billed for the parts and labor for all repairs as well as service calls. For hydraulic elevators the annual pressure test required by the state , can be added in to the price.

We have the experience and the technical ability to achieve the best performance from your elevator. You will get prompt courteous service and fair pricing. Call today.

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