Planning for your residential elevator involves getting the correct information ahead of time, before you start any construction, consult with us and we will give you all the correct information to get you started, as even the smallest miscalculation or error can turn out to be quite costly.

1. If you are building a new home, it’s a bit easier to plan out. Start early with the architect and builder, determining where the elevator is going to reside in the home, think about access points, how many stops you need it to make,             ( basement, first floor, second floor: is a 3 stop ) Call us early in the planning stages, some of your initial decisions may not be feasible due to other hidden specs you may be unaware of.

2. If you are installing an elevator in an existing home, the challenges are slightly greater. The three biggest things to realize are (a) hoist way size (b) pit depth (c) overhead clearance. All three of these items will determine where your system can go. (a) Our home elevators can be designed to many different size cabs, so if you only have a required amount of room, your hoist way can be made smaller or larger, and the cab can be custom built to fit that hoist way dimension. A typical hoist way is roughly 56″ x 60″ (b) The pit is the space under the elevator, all systems need this! Usually the minimum is 8″, so, if your elevator is going to the garage or basement, you need to have a contractor dig out your pad and re-pour concrete so you end up with the 8″ depth, in the size of your hoistway i.e. 56″ x 60″. (c) Overhead is the clearance you need over the elevator when it reaches your top most floor. That measurement is derived from, where your feet are at the top most landing to the nearest obstruction in the top of the hoistway. This is usually about 8″4″ minimum.

Make sure you plan for these three critical things, wether you are building a home from scratch, or you have an existing home! Also, please keep in mind, elevator companies do not do construction, We will guide the builders on the dimensions for the rough hoistway, then we will provide a set of final plans which will layout the support structure, this is always determined by what system you choose. See our “choosing your system” page for more details.

An elevator in any home is a huge value add. It also gives you the comfort of knowing you can stay in your home as you age, or in case of an injury, you can always get to the upper levels of your home.

We are experts at residential elevator planning and installation, we also provide extremely affordable maintenance plans that will keep you riding safely for years and years.


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